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A Women’s Health Clinic is available at the Partners MS Center!

This clinical program is focused on issues unique to our female patients with multiple sclerosis. We help address and manage specific concerns of our female patients around family planning, infertility, pregnancy management, postpartum and nursing management, and menopause.

The Women’s Health Clinic is directed by Dr. Maria Houtchens, Assistant Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Who would be appropriate for a consultation at the Partners MS Center Women’s Health Clinic?

Answer: Any MS patients who:

  • Are thinking about family planning
  • Are currently pregnant
  • Have recently delivered
  • Are unable to get pregnant due to prior MS-related treatments or other infertility concerns
  • Are menopausal (either naturally, or due to prior MS-related treatments)  

Question: What would be the focus of an appointment at Women’s Health Clinic?

Answer: Topics such as:

  • Discussion of genetic risk
  • Expectations for MS  management in pregnancy with an individualized approach to each case in terms of treatment strategies, time off medications, safety of staying off therapies, etc
  • Discussion of pregnancy outcomes, lactation issues, postpartum follow-up (MRI, other tests, restart of MS treatments)
  • MS prognosis post-delivery
  • Menopause management  

Question: Can I continue to see my primary neurologist after this visit?

Answer: Yes, it is expected that your long-term MS care will be continued with your MS specialist.  You will not need to switch doctors to benefit from this service.  You can come for a one-time consultation, or be seen at the Women’s Clinic until your specific issues have been fully addressed.

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