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Our clinical facilities are designed specifically for MS patients. We have special exam rooms designed for patient comfort and an on-site infusion facility solely for the treatment of MS patients. A dedicated MRI scanner and an image-processing laboratory can provide state-of-the-art imaging and quantitation of the MS process. We have an extensive multi-disciplinary ancillary staff that will guide patients through the various treatment protocols. In addition, this highly skilled staff is capable of guiding patients through many of the social, physical, and psychological challenges of the disease.

How to get a referral

Referrals are required for patients with HMO insurance plans. A referral should be obtained from you Primary Care Physician (PCP) PRIOR to the date of your appointment at the MS Center. Your doctor’s office can communicate your referral number to us by phone (617-525-6550), fax (617-525-6554) or by mail (Partners MS Center, 60 Fenwood Road, 1st floor, Suite B, Boston, MA 02115).

The information we will require from your PCP is:

  • Referral Number
  • Dates that the referral covers
  • Number of visits allowed

What to bring to your first appointment

  • Pertinent medical records, including physician notes, lab results, MRI findings and test results.
  • MRI films – please bring the actual films with you if possible.
  • A referral if you have HMO insurance.
  • Your co-pay, if one is required by your insurance.
  • Your BWH blue identification card, if you have one. If not, please call 617-732-9669 prior to your appointment to pre-register.
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